vegan meatballs, is that a misnomer?

22 Oct

london 12.29pm 16C sunny thursday 2020

vegan sausages, and vegan meatballs, they are quite commonly used to describe vegan products that have no meat in them.

i know i have to do a double take sometimes because of my initial mistake that they are meat products. so the EU is correct in saying they are misleading, and strictly they are misrepresenting the product. so i would think it is illegal.

so far no meat butcher has sued them. instead the meat producers are asking the EU to legislate it. let them be called discs (for burgers) and tubes(for sausages). does not sound very appealing though. it just goes to show how what we name things  can be so important. 

these highly processed foodstuffs are just as bad for you , whether made from real meat, or from veggies. but people wont take notice of that, i am sure.


they mentioned peanut butter has no butter in it, and they say it did not matter because everyone knows that… but i realised that i did not, and had always assumed it is some kind of butter. shows not everyone knows that. though i would still eat it and buy it, as it is not terribly important that it is not made from butter. i realised it is made from peanut oil. but maybe i am wrong there, and that it is made from palm oil as everything is nowadays. haha. but i would still eat it, because i know i dont eat a lot of it, so it wont be a factor. remember, you can eat most things but make sure it is in moderation… even good things eaten a lot will be bad for you.

Actual Time sunrise 7:37 AM sunset 5:53 PM

Length of Day10 h 16 mTomorrow will be 3 minutes 45 seconds shorter

above table taken from this link

added 24.10.20 saturday 12C cloudy

the farmers lost their bid to ban vegans from using the terms steak, burgers, sausages to describe plant based foods. 

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