a day before the clocks change and summertime ends

24 Oct

london 9am 13C cloudy saturday 2020

Actual Time sunrise 7:41 AM sunset 5:49 PM

Length of Day 10 h 8 m Tomorrow will be 3 minutes 43 seconds shorter

there are some who dont like the changing of the clocks, and want to abolish it, but not me. i do like that we have summertime in summer, and normal gmt time in winter.

those who want to abolish the clocks changing usually want summertime all year round, but that would mean  on the shortest day, it would be 9am sunrise in london, and sunset will be at about 5pm.

so sunset is ok,though i am not really that bothered if it is 4pm , like now. that extra hour of daylight is not that important. even if i were working, most of us finish work at 6pm, so it will still be dark even if we dont change the clock.  but 9am sunrise is not ok, too late really. imagine having to wait in the dark till  9am for the sun to come up. and this is in london, it will be maybe 10am sunrise in scotland. 9am is when work starts and i dont think anyone wants to open the doors to customers when it is still dark. so i hope we keep the old ways. now we are out of the EU, maybe we can instead of being forced to stick to one time all year round. 

added. 6.07pm

well, it is getting dusk outside now but it is really quite indifferent to me. i dont notice it. this is because we allraedy have the light on as it has been so cloudy it gets dark inside even before the sun has set.

also there is twilight, so the sky is still quite light, even though it is full of rain clouds and had been cloudy all day. but sunset is just over, and i dont feel any different. unlike this morning, when i woke at about 7am, and it was dark still so that i have to switch on the light. so it really make me notice it. i will be glad when tomorrow comes and the sun will come up at about 6.40am . it might seem like only 20mins difference from the time i got up  today, 7am, but hell of a big difference to the light of day/

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