look on the bright side

25 Oct

london 11.34am 10.7C sunny sunday 2020

06:42Sunday, 25 October 2020 (GMT)Sunrise in london UK

16:46Sunday, 25 October 2020 (GMT) sunset in london

Length of Day10 h 4 mTomorrow will be 3 minutes 42 seconds shorter


as usual this time of year when the clocks change, we will get plenty of people complaining about it, and i used to be like them myself.  then, i would lament the dark  evenings, but now i have become quite enthusiastic about the bright mornings with this going back of the clocks.

so maybe that is the way to look at it, concentrate on the plus side of the change. so in march, when the clocks go forward, enthuse about the bright evenings, then when like now, it goes back, enthuse about the bright mornings. that way u can find joy in both events. and both times enthuse about the variety it gives to life. it is like the changing seasons, it gives variety to life, and it is a predictable change, so can be enjoyed, and to be welcomed.

it is unpredictable change that disturbs people and make life difficult because people have to learn new ways to adjust to it. like this corvid. it forces everyone to alter their way of life, and it is permanent too. but i am hoping we as a species are very adaptable, and it might be we adjust and then it becomes the norm, and we go on living in it as our new normal.

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