can we chose our own individual future?

2 Nov

london 1pm 14C sunny monday 2020

i have been drinking a lot of coffee. well, it is better than eating a lot . i can see it as a way of doing something.

most of us have lost that art of meditation, the art of doing nothing. so we compensate by making ourselves busy doing aimless things like making tea, or coffee or cutting a piece of cake to eat. people can put on weight like that. i can see people doing all that. and watching lots of tv.

i myself feel like writing something, but dont know what to write. or rather, i dont know if it is worth writing about. there is plenty to write about, of course. because lots of things are happening around the world, which if u really want to, u can make comments on and write at length about. i am tempted to do so, and put in my two cents worth, but then i think again, and realise it is not much point except to let off steam. haha. and i dont feel i want to have steam to let off.

i dont feel strongly about any of it. to me it is life taking its course, and i am the observer. i am just the observer and not the influencer. so will trump win and remain president for a second term? or will biden win?

if what they say is right and that there are a string of outcomes stretching out into infinity, than is it possible to put yourself into that particular future which u want to happen? and so have a way to determine your future? it seems to me all of us should be able to do it and pick the future we want to happen. anyway whatever is true, i am now in a world where my life is very peaceful. it is what i want.

so for eg,  i am not a person in hongkong, being jailed and tortured for holding democratic views that oppose the ruling chinese govt who will take over hongkong in 25yrs time (or thereabout), and bring it back into the fold of mainland china. that is the inevitable future of hongkong. it is written in the laws when the british handed hongkong over to the chinese. and futile to fight against it.

is there another time line where it wont happen?well, they did say there is a multitude of alternate universes so there might well be one  where the dissidents in hongkong prevail and or the communist govt in beijing is overthrown and china becomes a democracy…

what about the other extreme, a universe where china becomes the most powerful economy and dominates the world and everything is chinese. or how about if islam rises and the world is muslim and  islam reigns over all. well, we can only observe and be the impartial spectator in all this or and this is what i hope, that we can chose our future.

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