a typical november day

6 Nov

london 10.19pm 9C dry friday 2020

we have been having some cold mornings lately, about 3 days past.(by cold i mean getting to 3C in the early mornings. some might think what is that, sounds mild…) but that is passing now, because it is 9C now and it is so late in the night;  which suggests that the weather is warming up.  that also accounts for the fog and mist we had been having in the morning. it is typical november weather, i remember in the past , around fireworks time at guy fawkes night, we always get fog or clouds that spoil the fireworks display. this year i dont hear anyone letting off fireworks. it is the bonfire that takes central role, so it did not matter that the fireworks were not spectacular). i dont go to see any of the public fireworks and bonfires they set off in the parks, so i wont notice any difference this year. i daresay there will be a difference, what with lockdown and all. council may not be that willing to spend money on a fireworks display even though a crowd outdoors will not be a big risk for spreading the virus. but i think the thinking is to not attract or put on any display that will attract crowds.

i read this article, about the bic ball point pen, and suddenly realised that even though i do all my writing by typing, i still keep a lot of ball point pens around me. i wonder why. you would think that they would become obsolete seeing so few of us write on paper much. i tried to think what i use my pens for, and really i dont use them much. the biggest thing is to cross out my wall calendar days, or write short notes on it to remind me to do things or write a shopping list. it is funny that, you would think pens would be redundant and join all those things we used to do on the scrapheap, but it hasn’t done that… ball point pens are something that had not been made redundant with our whole sale use of the internet and shifting to typing. 

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