finding things to bring me joy

16 Nov

london 1.34pm 12C cloudy monday 2020

this is what i had for lunch just now
this , spare ribs, with roast potato was what simon cooked yesterday.

home cooked meals are what i enjoy these days. it is one of the few things that are consistently joyful. and all the things connected to it, for eg, going out with a purpose to do grocery shopping, the actual cooking of it, as well as the eating of it carries on the joyful theme. all the other things that bring me joy have gone since the corvid came into our lives. we will have to find other things to bring us joy. 

One Response to “finding things to bring me joy”

  1. MELewis Monday November 16, 2020 at 5:28 pm #

    Home cooked food is definitely a source of great enjoyment! I also find joy in walking outdoors on a sunny day, revelling in nature and sometimes even singing a tune as I walk.

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