free sesame crackers

17 Nov

london 4.08pm 14C cloudy tuesday 2020 its sunset now. very cloudy so cannot see the sunset

might be good with soup. or as snacks with various dips.

i got an email from steve telling us all that he got a free box of 10 bags of these sesame crackers biscuits yesterday from a charity near me. it seems they got a large consignment given to them, and they want to give it away quick. that means it must be near its sellby date.

anyway i went to get it this morning, and there are a lot of them. the sell by date is 10nov2020.  today is 17nov2020. so it has expired. not sure what this means. can people still give them away? maybe they are only not allowed to sell them. 

i dont mind them being expired because they are vacuum sealed so can be good quite a long time after. much better to give it away and let plenty of people eat them rather than throw them into landfil and clog up the environment with it. 

they are very filling these crackers;  so unlike the ritz crackers that i like. those are very moreish, and dont fill you up, so u can eat a lot of them and finish of the pack in no time… that is why they can be sold for £1 and still people buy them. why even i had been known to buy them for £1, and you know me, i dont buy if i can help it, but they are just so moreish… 

but these are more filling, and are more of them in each pack than the ritz biscuits. and you have them now being given away free by a charity. maybe they should use some reverse psychology and sell them in smaller packs, make them more flimsy so that it does not fill you up. then it will leave people wanting more after they finish a pack and go out to  buy another. corrected. 24nov2020. i have since read the date, and found out it is the best before date. so not an expiry date. there is no expiry date listed. 

One Response to “free sesame crackers”

  1. Garfield Hug Friday November 20, 2020 at 6:08 am #

    I have kept and eat expired snacks too. Haha…sell by dates are usually a guide but I have eaten those even up to a month away. I suppose it is to prevent the oils or condiments or cheese sprinkles from going rancid or bad. Looks like a delectable treat and nice of them to give it out instead of throwing it into the bin.

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