18 Nov

london 11.56am 16C cloudy/sunny wednesday 2020

the sky is cloudy but there is sunshine through my window. so it is a pleasant day. actually, even it rains, to me it will still be a pleasant day. 

the plumber has just been because we have a blocked outlet pipe that services the 4 floors of flats . it is an old outlet pipe, built when this block of flats were built in 1898. the pipes are iron and so rusts in the inside and that caused all the gunge to collect and narrow the pipes, until now we got blockage. its been slowly blocking all these years, first time we had to clear it, and i had been here in this flat for 30yrs. its really a communal pipe blockage.

he, the plumber, has finished his job, so the work has been done, hopefully . haha. thank goodness for professional plumbers, he managed to use a machine that chews out the gunge from our inlet into that pipe, and he was able to clear the obstruction which extend right down the pipe to the ground. we are on the first floor.   so maybe it means we dont have to replace the whole outlet pipe because that would cause a lot of disruption to all for 4 flats and their kitchens.not to mention the cost!!

  simon is now paying for his time to do this clearance job, so i dont know how much it will be. but whatever it costs , it has to be done. added. it came to £355.

i was clearing the rubbish that was generated by all this plumbing activity and realise that plastic bags are really  very effective for disposing off these rubbish. newspapers just dont do the same job as effectively because  it tears so easily and when it gets wet it just disintegrates.

i think we will all look back to these plastic days as halycon days of ease and convenience when in future all plastic bags and products are banned. we will all be saying those old days of plastic bags were like golden years. 

we know these days of unlimited plastic bag disposable useage  cant last, as the plastic bags are the death of the environment. a day will come when its use will be banned. maybe we can invent another product that is recycleable to replace it. 

i try not to use too much plastics if i can. so i shall be using newspapers as usual for my regular organic rubbish. 




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