19 Nov

london 6.52pm 8C dry night thursday 2020

its dark now, where i live,  but today i read this place



in alaska has seen its last sunset for 2020. they wont see the sun again.  the next time the sun will be seen will be jan 22 , 2021. 

i think i would not like to live there. even though the inhabitants of alaska all get free allowance from the govt for living there. haha. it does make me grateful that we will be able to see our sun rise again tomorrow. 

here in uk, if we are over 60 yrs old, we get winterfuel allowance. in my case it is £200. which is very nice . i got a letter from them today saying it is deposited into my bank account. this is something that we get even before the corvid. 

well what else is happening. a asteroid just missed us , it seems. on nov 13, but no one noticed it until it had passed us. it is the closest miss ever, by 250miles. they did not say what damage it would have done if it hit us, but i think it might be too small to make much damage. and would probably just burn up in the sky .

i have been reading this book by bill bryson, called a short history of nearly everything. so far he has dealt only with huge prehistoric collisions with earth that wiped out the dinosaurs. or that created the moon. but of course small bombardments of earth by meteors wont cause any lasting damage in the big scheme of things.

but from what happened with that asteroid, a near collision which none of us witness it, it is very probable that no one would notice a coming collision and we wont know what hit us until it did and then we would all get pulverise instantly. at least there wont be any time to panic. haha. that was the scenario that bill bryson said is the likely outcome, if ever we collide with a big asteroid.  it would mean all the angst and bother that we are now fighting and argueing over in our daily news would just be nothing really.

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