slow wifi

23 Nov

london 9.56am 4C sunny monday 2020

it is the first time i have noticed my wifi is very slow to load. i have been told i only get 7mpbs, but usually it downloads quite quickly, that is it takes only a short pause to download. i am used to that, though i gather to most people that is slow, as most would get almost instantaneous downloads.

my talktalk provider has been trying to get me to shift to fibre, for £4 more a month, (from my currant £20 a month) but i have resisted it, because i dont think i can get fibre in my flat, but also i am not really interested in having fast downloads, because i dont play online games or see films from those paid- for subscription networks.  i see that simon is online and watching a football match. so that might explain why my download is so slow. anyway it just means i can take my time about writing this post as there is no hurry to post it. having said that i just realise that the upload speed might not be affected and posting it wont take as long as downloading something. but wait, i see a notice saying ‘updating failed, you are probably offline’. so it looks like i wont be able to upload the post at all. i dont mind as i am not finished writing the post.

1.48pm .with the internet so slow, i thought to go to the lidl supermarket in stockwell to stock up on pork. also i havent been out for quite some time, and felt i should go out for a walk. so i took the bus to stockwell,(some walk!! haha) but when i rounded the corner and saw a long queue to get into the shop, i turned round and came back. caught the bus 88, which was just arriving at the bus stop and so returned rather quickly. it was a cloudy day and that was my failed trip outdoors. 

update 3.23pm. i was watching tv, when a subtitle came up saying broadband is connected. so it looks like our wifi is working again. added 8.34pm, wifi is still very slow. hope it wont be like this forever. 

2 Responses to “slow wifi”

  1. Garfield Hug Tuesday November 24, 2020 at 11:40 am #

    With most working from home, it also taxes the wifi of the supplier and this could explain the slower speed. You might want to upgrade to fibre though. It may help with the speed. But if you do not require it for work and can wait for downloads, then no point.

  2. alifesgayventure Tuesday November 24, 2020 at 11:49 am #

    this morning the wifi is back to its normal speed , so it looks like just a temporary hitch. this is the first time it got slow, since i joined talktalk,many years ago. so i think i shall not need to worry about it. also i dont need it for work, so in that sense the wifi is not crucial. though i suppose i will feel a bit lost if i dont have it. makes being housebound due to the corvid lockdown more bearable.

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