normal days

25 Nov

london 11.21am 12C cloudy wednesday 2020

i noticed i have not been out for some time.  in fact the last time i bought groceries was 13 days ago when i bought vegetables only. i still got a white cabbage to finish . so i have been cooking my daily meals etc every day for 13 days without need to replenish my food supplies. is that a record? haha. of course, i got a well stocked freezer, that is why i am able to do it. it would be interesting to see how long i can resist the need of going to the supermarkets again to stock up. the cabbage will be the key ingredient. how long it will be before i finish it.

oh, i also realise that i eat simon’s cooking too. so his grocery shopping will affect how long i can go without my own grocery shopping, so this record is not totally realistic. might be my grocery bill is so low because i have been eating from his grocery bill. ah well, just as well we dont share the grocery bill. we share the food we cook, though it is not always. in fact, it is only once in a while that i eat his cooking. he buys a lot of ready cooked meals fr the supermarket, which i am not fond of. but he also cooks a lot of oven dishes, from scratch.. he makes his own dumplings and is now making from scratch his own yorkshire pudding. the only thing i dont like is that he uses the oven a lot, and that oven uses up a lot of electricity. but he uses the induction stove too, and that i noticed use up a lot of electricity even when he is just simmering something. all in all, whenever he cooks, the daily kwh use shoots up. i am a bit reconciled to it… it does mean my budget for electricity usage has been shot to pieces, that cant be helped now.

the wifi has got back to its normal speed , so that is good. it has been behaving itself rather well all through this since march. only once misbehaving, when it slowed down a few days ago. but it is back to normal now so i hope it is a one off and we wont see anymore slow downs. 


simon is making toad in the hole now. (its sausages in batter really)so i shall take a portion when it is cooked. meanwhile, i am making my breakfast porridge oats to tie me over till the toad is cooked in about an hour. 


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