13 Dec

london 8.29am 6C cloudy/rain. forecast rain all day. sunday 2020. sunrise 7.59am, sunset 3.51pm

i woke up at about 8am so the sky was brightening, but no sunrise can be seen, it was all dark clouds. mornings will be like this for two weeks, as we are coming up to the winter solstice. but today’s sunset 3.51pm will be the latest it will set, as it will start to go towards setting at 3.55pm at the solstice. it is one of the strange things, that will happen, when the sunrise starts to get even later, so that it is 8.06am in early jan,  whilst the sunset will be later. i know words like earlier and later does not really apply to sunrise or sunset. haha. 

i have changed to the winter duvet yesterday, (it is just a double -joined feather duvet , a 9 tog and a 15 tog duvet clipped together) and when i went to bed last night, i could feel that the duvet cover was icy cold. brr. simon did not say anything even though he only had the duvet to cover him and his whole body must be in direct contact with that cold duvet cover.

i at least had a fleece blanket which feels very warm to protect me from the duvet.  and i wrap my head with my wool muffler, so i dont have to touch the cold pillow.

simon was bare headed, and did not say anything about it being cold. yet a few days ago he said he felt cold in the flat, even though he said he was wearing 4 layers of clothes. and i looked at him, and realised he was not wearing any fleece, so i gave him a large fleece jacket that i had found a long time ago, and kept all these years, thinking it will fit him and will come in useful one day. so now he is wearing it. and it must be warm, because he is not complaining of the cold now.

generally, our flat is warmish. i can feel it is warmish, because in the past , before the upstairs neighbours fitted carpets and so insulated us, we used to see steam from our mouths especially in our bedroom . now that is what i would call cold. now we dont get that anymore. so my criteria these days for whether it is cold or not is if we can blow steam out of our mouths. and so far, when i am out, i could not blow steam out of my mouth outside. so it is not very cold really. we have been getting about 9C highs , which is not cold really. 

i am not sure if we are out of lockdown or not, we are in tier two, but it looks like normal really (people are eating in the cafes and restaurants) ,  as i can see lots of people out and about. not as many as precorvid days but enough . that was yesterday, a saturday , so maybe it is the weekend, and that brings out people. it might be quieter during the weekdays. i can see lots of people in the vauxhall park when my bus goes past it. i guess with the news that we have a vaccine now, must have a psychological effect on people.

i just carry on with my usual way of life, which is like a corvid lockdown anyway. haha. recently i have been reading a lot of books from the cloud library… because they have released a set of books in the disc world, about witches ,  by terry pratchett. so that has kept me occupied. 

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  1. Garfield Hug Sunday December 13, 2020 at 1:21 pm #

    Sounds cold to me haha but I like your definition of cold….steam coming out of mouth!👍😃

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