food shopping

14 Dec

london 12.13pm 12C sunny monday 2020

1.5kg of clementines for £1.50

went to the tesco near me and bought a huge cauliflower for 29p, 1kg of carrots 29p, as well as those clementines, and bananas. now and then tesco seems to reduce its cauliflowers by a lot, so that it is worth buying . i am thinking of a cauli-carrot curry , with a piece of chicken in it just to flavour it. it seems to me i only need to do a weekly shop for vegetables, and a once a month shop for meat, pork and a chicken, and that should really be enough. other stuff like dry goods, sultanas, oats, coffee,milkpowder, veg oil,  are once a month buys.  and that is the basics.  i find i dont need to buy tins of tomatoes, or beans, or canned soups, which people tell me i should stock up . i dont buy flour or suger either, as i dont bake cakes. it makes me wonder why other people’s food bill is so high. what do they buy to spend so much?i am curious to peek inside their trolley to see what it is they waste their money on. 

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