life seems to be normal , for me anyway

16 Dec

london 1.50pm 11C lightrain wednesday 2020

i am having a recurring problem trying to get into my own online bank account. the secure key they gave me does not work again. and i have to call them to send me a new one. i received it today, and it is the third replacement i have had from them. just as well that i dont need to get into it for anything. i use it for paying bills by  standing orders, and to receive my pension payments. 

edited. 9.47pm tuesday 22.12.20. i managed to get the bank account sorted out yesterday, monday night. i have been quite laid back about it, so did not rush. i dont worry about these things. if i cant get in, then no one else can so it is safe enough. i save myself a lot of unneccessary worry. many may get themselves all worked up about it. but not me.

i was out earlier to the sainsburys (just bought assam fair trade loose tea £1.50for 125mg , and mixed dried fruit 500mg for £1.10; for my oats breakfast) and it was just like any other day, even though we are now first day of the tier 3 lockdown.

i dont think it will affect us as individuals , just businesses… all of the eating places near that supermarket are closed. and all the tables and chairs that line the street which has been used for eating spaces have been removed and the street brought back to its original use. they dont even bother to  do takeaway only. many have chosen to  just close. if this continues throughout the christmas -new year period, many will never reopen again.

as long as the supermarkets are open, we can still carry on as usual, buying our groceries. so as long as supermarkets keep well stocked with food and stuff it will be ok.

we will be getting out of the EU common market after 1 jan. will be interesting to see what is affected. i wonder what foodstuffs we will get shortages of, or which ones goes up in price. there might be lower prices, but cynical me scoff at that. be prepared for prices going up, so u wont be too disappointed when they do.

simon bought indian takeaway yesterday, and it is quite delicious. just like the old days this one, meat curry , nothing fancy but tastes just like it used to be before they make fancy dishes. those old style curry shops are disappearing. he bought it from near the snooker place in the east end, that he goes to , when he wants to play snooker. 

there is a website where they show people on live webcam, in their houses, doing ordinary things. most of them are from italy, though there is now a new family from phillipines, and a children’s school in nepal that has joined. i think the people who are subscribed to this website like to add their comments and like chatting to each other and to the families. it is like a community in a way. some are critical of the way some families handle their kids, which i guess is normal, after all we all know of relatives who will criticise our mothers for spoiling their kids. haha. most of the time i see them preparing meals. that is the common thread in all of them. maybe because many times, the kitchen is the one with the live webcam. not many of the children read. i know that if i were on these webcams when i was young, i would be always deep into reading a book. and there would be nothing to see haha. it is really boring to watch someone reading. now most probably that is replaced by someone always looking at their smartphone. haha. now you will have people doing that, but they might be reading online, because u can get books online now. so not everyone always looking at their smartphone is surfing the internet, they could be deep into a novel online. like i am nowadays, when i can get the cloud library on my chromebook. so it looks like i am always online and someone looking on would think i am internet surfing, or watching porn, but really i am reading online books. i got 3 going at the same time now. i skip along and between the 3 books. and you dont need to be online if u want to read a book after you have downloaded it. 


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