blockage at calais.

21 Dec

london 4.21pm dry now but rained earlier, dark now shortest day monday 2020

start of winter. and blockage at dover because the french have closed the border at calais  so there is a big pile up of goods trucks in dover as the ferries are not operating. it will be a 48hr blockage. 

the british are allowing entry, so it is only a unilateral action by the french to block goods and people from entering france , so trucks from europe can come into uk, but they are saying the truck drivers (presumably they must be european and not british truck drivers) may not want to drive into uk, because they are afraid of being stuck here and not allowed back on their return journey. so even without the deadline when we leave on 1 jan , the french can block goods and people , and this reason the corvid, is as good as any. those who want us to remain in the eu, might argue that all the more important to get a trade deal, but to me, it would make it very clear that if all you want is no pile up of trucks ,  a trade deal wont get rid of that.  if its purpose is to prevent such tail backs of goods on the border today shows clearly it is not the only reason that can happen.

so now the french say they will bring in a quick test to find out if the drivers are negative, before letting them enter france. that should have been the solution, instead of blanket closing the border.

to have to get tested means more delays… but i think they will have to do that for every truck driver crossing borders and not only to uk. i think they might have to implement that within the eu.  they might have to test all the drivers whenever they cross borders inside the eu…will they do it?  maybe not… depands on whether this new strain of corvid takes hold. 

it seems 20% of imported goods for the uk comes in by sea. so why is  there such a large tail back of trucks on the british side? after all, we all know the british imports more from eu than the other way round.well it is a unilateral action by the french. no one can cross into france… but uk do not export that much goods to europe, but get this… a lot of irish goods get sent via uk roads, to europe… so a lot of those trucks may be carrying irish goods. 

no mention of such a long tail back on the french side of trucks trying to get into uk because no blockage by the british, so they can all come in.  and any french drivers who dont want to come in for fear of being stuck here when they want to get back, will have turned back and gone home anyway. so quite a lot of the trucks queueing up on the british side will belong to the irish.  it seems to me the irish have more to lose. the irish govt should have words with the french for doing this. 

the papers are saying we shall have a shortage of fresh food over christmas. but seems to me it is only certain veggies. sainsburys says it will affect citrus fruits, brocolli, cauliflower. they say the other christmas foods wont be affected. as usual there are the panic buyers . i hope they end up with so much carrots and brussels sprouts they will get sick of it, though knowing them, they will just throw it all away. but the only reason why we will have a shortage is if the foreign drivers dont want to come into uk, for fear of being stuck here. so not likely to happen because the french are testing drivers. just realised that it is not that simple. the long queue may mean they might be days before their truck can board the ferry even. so a real good reason for them not to come. so we might get shortages long after christmas, due to this action.  i have another thought, will british truckers be allowed to drive into france after we leave the eu on 1jan? if not, there will be huge chaos haha. they better quickly recognise british driving license and allow them to drive in europe.

i guess we will all have to adapt and just see what is available in the supermarkets and just eat those. it wont kill us to eat seasonal and what is grown locally in the uk. 


added. 10.06pm 13C. rain. it is quite high temperature for this time of year. 

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