22 Dec

london 12.33pm 12C cloudy tuesday 2020

things are fine around here. even though if u read the news you might be mistaken to think people here are panicking. there is nothing to panic about really. but you can always find people who will panic buy and queue up for hours early in the morning to enter the supermarkets. hope they freeze their arses off and then find all the shelves empty when they get in. haha.

i read about empty shelves in the supermarket , so i decided not to go there till christmas is over. i can do that because i dont celebrate christmas so no need to cook for a party . there is enough food in the freezer. then for all i know  there will be a glut of fresh veg after the holidays resulting in  all drastically reducing their  price , as they would be delivered later  and miss the christmas rush. i bet by the end of christmas, people will be so sick of eating vegetables that they have panicked buy, we will be able to get our pick of bargains from the glut of veggies.

the blockage at dover will end tonight at 11pm. but i suspect the french govt will end it sooner and might be even now. it was a silly action, to impose a 48hr blockage. either do it without a limit, or not do it at all. makes me wonder if the accusation that it is intended as a brexit shot across the bow was true after all. as it is all those truckers have to suffer delays to their journeys all for nothing and the businesses suffer losses to their goods from spoiling. with all restaurants  here closed, no one will notice this lack of perishable goods anyway.  

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