29 Dec

london 3.15pm 4C cloudy/rain tuesday 29 dec 2020

its been cold since christmas day, hovering around 1C and 4C. this is outside according to the weather website. i have not experienced it as i have not been out since then.

the christmas dinner i had triggered a gout episode , a side effect of my high blood pressure medication. it lasted a few days and is now going down and i am able to walk about without pain. they say gout pain is terrible, but i seem to be able to bear it wihtout need to take pain medicine. so now it is on the mend. and i am reducing my meat intake… and spinach, that is another trigger food. there seem to be all kinds of foods that can trigger a gout episode. i shall have to see which triggers me off, and how much of it . hope i can still eat some small amounts of it rather than give them all up forever. this is the 4th time i got gout since starting the medication about 3 yrs ago. i am supposed to see my gp for a review, and had been putting it off for some years now. 

so i guess i better , once this tier 4 eases, though not for the near future yet. they are even saying it might go to tier 5. so everything else will have to wait till this corvid crisis is controlled.

in the meantime, i have been resting, sleeping a lot, and drinking lots of fluids, because it seems to get rid of the uric acid, and staying in. there is limited things i can do, usually i can get books from the cloud library, but not only is the choice limited now, but it seems unable to download the book i borrow. something wrong with the cloud library website. also the books are all very gloomy. i got one about fairy tales, in fact i got two books about them. one is trying to relate disabilities with disabled characters in fairy tales. it is very gloomy reading, and i think i wont finish it but return it. too gloomy. the other is switching the gender of the characters, change the woman role to a man, and vice versa. it sounds interesting but it wont download so i have not been able to read any thing yet. it is all very gloomy. at the best of times, fairy tales are not that happy going, anyway, plenty of them have horrifically cruel and bizarre story lines, and dont make for comfortable reading. but what else to read? currently the cloud library is releasing a whole lot of john le carre spy novels, but they are so gloomy. i dont like spy novels. the tv is full of crime series, which i find too boring , really, though simon seem to relish them. 

One Response to “recovery”

  1. Garfield Hug Wednesday December 30, 2020 at 7:57 am #

    Take care and may 2021 keep us all safe and healthy.

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