hope the vaccine makes 2021 a happy new year

30 Dec

london 1.33pm 5C cloudy wednesday 2020

i woke at about 9am, or rather, it was when i decided to finally get up and stay up. haha. i had woken up earlier, a few times, but it was still dark and i decided to get back to bed and grab a few more hours of sleep. i see from the weather website, that the lowest temp we got was 0.4C at 8.29am. fortunately inside my flat it was very pleasant, thanks to my downstairs neighbours flat’s heating. it looks like even lower at -3C tomorrow morning. it hasn’t been this cold in london since 2010-11. but to look at the outside view you would never guess it is so cold. no snow, sun shining, even though the sky is cloudy.



this article which i read this morning about the superjumbo A 380 being taken out of service reminds me of the 747 days, a time when travel is so prevalent . now it looks like mass travel may be no more, smaller planes flying direct rather than big planes to superhubs. and it makes me wonder whether there is any point in heathrow building its 3rd runway, even though it finally got permission to do so.

the lynch pin is tourism. will it survive and increase, or not? for now, i would guess tourism will decline, (not from lack of demand, but from govt actions to contain the spread of corvid.) but who knows, if the vaccine really works than it would limit the corvid, and so things may get back to before and tourism will boom again. so it looks like it depands on the vaccine.

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