2 Jan

london 11.33am 4C cloudy saturday 2021

how could i not resist putting up a post with that title? right? even if i got nothing to write about. haha. but there is of course always plenty to write about, if u want to be nosy and poke your nose into any and all news that is running around.

but personally, nothing out of the ordinary  is going on, just my usual peaceful routine, enjoying a cup of hot coffee, and looking out of the window at the weather. this morning it is quite nice really… cloudy, but there is a lot of blue sky in between the clouds, and the sun coming through, so it is a bright day. i just had my porridge so that has warmed me up a lot. sweating now… can you imagine. i shall have to start taking off a layer.

this is what it looks like outside my window this morning.

added. 5.17pm 3C dark now, dry . temperature dropping, seems it will get to be 1c at midnite.

i was out earlier,  i went by bus to the metro tesco in piccadilly circus. the same one i tried to go to yesterday which was closed. it is a bigger branch than an express branch, and the prices are like a supertesco. unusual really for something like this right in the centre of london to be selling it at big supermarket prices. so i got all my veggies, and fruits, and even got a reduced pork pie. i love pork pies, it is one british food that i have come to like a lot. but i dont think it is too healthy to eat it all the time, so it suits me to eat it only when i am able to buy it at reduced price. and because i dont eat it often, when i do, i enjoy it a lot more. i am just going to do a mixed  vegetable stir fry tonight. eat it with fresh cooked rice. am really looking forward to it. 


i must have eaten a slice allready, couldn’t wait for the picture haha. they are eaten cold. mustn’t warm them up, they get really stodgy if u do.

2 Responses to “2.1.21”

  1. Garfield Hug Sunday January 3, 2021 at 5:00 am #

    I did not know that pork pies must be eaten cold. Haha! I warm pork pies when bought from the bakeries. Maybe the recipes in lil red dot is very different from the traditional British ones! Thanks for sharing the method of eating it and Happy New Year!

  2. alifesgayventure Sunday January 3, 2021 at 11:41 am #

    i wrote a reply earlier, but i dont see it here . so i am repeating it. if u heat the pie, you melt the jelly and that makes the crust soggy. the jelly is lovely in its cold state. it is the texture of the crust that makes the pie so unusual. i have not tasted it anywhere else,its a kind of crunchy texture, i can only describe it as like you are eating glass… sounds horrible doesn’t it? but the sensation is great

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