just enjoying the day

5 Jan

london 2.34pm 4C rain tuesday 2021

its a grey day, typical winter day really. so it is neither a good day nor a bad day. haha. it does not make me happy or sad, and does not incline me to one or the other. and that is how it should be. one’s happiness should not be determined by the weather. and that is how i am these days. in the past, my mood would be influenced by the weather, a sunny day or not can affect my mood. but i am glad to say it doesnot anymore. haha. i like whatever the weather is that day.

it is similar to whatever is happening in the world at large, it does not affect my mood. we are in lockdown now but it makes no difference to my happiness or unhappiness. i cooked soya sauce pork this morning, and simon and i enjoyed eating it for lunch. whenever i eat it  i always get reminded how delicious it is. and there is nothing there except soya sauce. that soya sauce is a marvelous invention and genius whoever first concocted it. 



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