what we spend last year

8 Jan

london 4.34pm 0.7C dark now sunset 4.08pm dry friday 2021

these few days it has been hovering between 2C and -1C . it is unusual in that this winter has been colder than any i can remember since 2010/11. fortunately we are quite comfortable in the flat thanks to my downstairs neighbour.

today i got an email from nectar giving a summary of what we bought the past year. most of the shopping is done by simon. it seems simon was their number 1 buyer in the local sainsburys near us,  of robinson’s orange squash. and his no 2 and 3 buys are garlic and eggs. he shopped in sainsburys 220times, and accummulated 9345 nectar points worth £46.

just taking how much  he spent last week in sainsburys, it was £75. so extrapolating for  a year, his total spend might be £3700. quite a hefty sum dont you think? that total includes alcoholic drinks and he buys a lot of that. 



i compare my spending on groceries in the main supermarkets , and it is  about £400 a year , about £33 a month. no wonder sainsburys is full of praise for him, and thanking him for his custom. haha. he must be one of their big spenders.

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