some weather

10 Jan

london 8.10pm 3C dry night sunday 2021

i had been using an old tea pot for ages, it was part of a tea set given to me as a house warming present, when i moved into this flat in 1991. yesterday the handle broke off, (it had a crack in it that lasted for a long time) . fortunately it broke when it was empty, just when i was about to wash it clean. if it had been full of tea water, i would have a bad accident. so thank goodness for that. 

so i had to throw it away. i must have used it for close to 30yrs. i wonder if it is possible that a teapot can last that long. fortunately i got a spare tea pot, that a friend gave me in jan 2013 which i had kept just in case this happens. it looks like an old style ancient tea pot, doesn’t it? but it is a modern version. not sure what it is made of but it have the appearance of terracotta. hope it lasts me as long. it has been sitting on my kitchen table all these years waiting for just a time like this for it to come to be useful. its time has come.

i just read about this snowstorm in madrid , a very unusual snow fall . but it seems only the middle of the continent is affected. forecast for madrid is a low of  -10C.   the coastal areas are still snow free, but colder than their normal, that is, 14C / 6C, so to me, seems quite mild really even at this time when it is so cold in madrid.

there is a blog of a person living in a coastal town in the malaga area,  and he said there are a lot of debris on the beaches, which the council is not bothering to clear it, due to lack of tourists and also the corvid restrictions. so he took pictures of it, and it was quite a lot of debris, mostly tree branches. it reminds me all those pristine clean beaches which we see in spain, and other tourist areas are the result of a lot of hard work clearing up by the council cleaners every day.

left to itself , nature can be very messy. 

even in london now with this cold spell we are currantly having where nights are -1C,  wont last long, because next week we will be back to the 8C/2C range.


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