12 Jan

london 11.58am 7C cloudy tuesday 2021


yesterday i went to the tesco in piccadilly circus, and there was no queue nor was it crowded inside. and no shortage of veggies, or fruits. but there was no willow farm chickens, only the more expensive ones. i read that due to corvid running through the slaughter houses so that many of their staff are coming down with it, and have to isolate,it has  affected their chicken production. that might account for why there are no willow farm chickens. but i have enough in the freezer so there is no urgency to replenish.

and since this was a central london metro , i dont expect them to stock the cheap range of stuff either. so there was no 20p spaghetti , nor 24p canned cream of chicken … tesco’s cheap range , unlike heinz chicken soup which cost 95p.

they have tesco own brand chicken soup, but it cost 47p, when usually in the main supermarket it would be 45p. i have gotten to like heating it up and eating it like soup. it is quite nice when eaten with bread. simon uses it to make a pasta sauce. it is quick and convenient though very expensive way to make pasta sauce. i am well aware of how little chicken there is in these soups. only 3% in the heinz, the tesco own brand has slightly more 5%. but they are very tasty… i wonder what chemicals they put in it to make it taste so nice haha.

this is my first outing to a supermarket since the lockdown, and it does not look like any different from other days. there were a lot of roadworks along the road around the trafalgar square area… in fact they closed the nearest bus stop to the tesco supermarket near piccadilly circus, due to these road works so that i have to go one stop further and walk back. 


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