my advise is dont bother to retire outside the country where u are now.

13 Jan

london 7.17pm 9C been raining. but will bring on the next long period of rain at about 11pm. wednesday 2021

i have been reading this article about british expats in spain returning, because of the new conditions for permanent residence there. as long as they registered before 31dec 2020, they can stay as residents, and no restrictions to how long they can stay there. but those who have not registered, as it seems there are many, they now have to prove they got £2000 monthly income, for two people, plus £500 a month for every depandant child. and even so they can only stay 90 days out of every 180 days. so basically 6months out of a year, with the 3months spread out between jan-june, and the other 3months between july-dec. so not very good conditions even after the corvid restrictions are lifted, if ever. no wonder so many are coming back.

this article shows the top countries popular with retirees , and spain is number 1. uk is number 17. but the data includes only european countries. not s.e. asia or america. 

but wherever i look, i come to the conclusion that there are not many countries that are perfect to retire to now mainly because so many are restricting their expat entry conditions, and even ordinary tourist entry requirements  due to corvid. so i would say to people, dont bother leaving the country to retire in another, just retire in the country where u are living now. but this advise is only to those who like a easy life… haha. 

added. 00.00 14.1.21

just read this article saying spain had extended its ban on arrivals from uk to 2feb. so the corvid is allready putting restrictions on movement of uk people to spain. i daresay france and all the other eu countries have the same restrictions too. life under these corvid conditions cannot be that good in spain , so i daresay those who are there now, are not enjoying themselves at all, what with bars and restaurants shut or restricted opening times,  and beaches under winter conditions of rain and storms and driftwood, and cold too, people would be glad to get out of there and get back to uk. 

read this article

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