sex, georgian novels, and tv series

17 Jan

london 8c cloudy sunday 2021

i just now got a email from my friend dave, who lives in brixton. he said he and his partner has just got the first of the corvid vaccine. 

Sun 17/01/2021 12:42pm

hi dave, good that u 2 are getting your corvid vaccine. 

did u specially ask them for it? or are u just lucky in the draw . i havent asked them for it, as i dont mind waiting till everyone else who are vulnerable gets it first, people like hospital a&e , care workers, old people in care homes,   service and trades people, shop workers office workers etc. by then, maybe if everyone has got vaccinated, than the virus might even just go away, so there might not even be any need for me to vaccinate. 


i just poke my head out of the window just now, because a ray of sunshine came out of the clouds and i wanted to catch it to get a dose of vit D. i read a blog saying they are taking vit D tablets because they are thinking they lack vit D and that was when i realise i have not been out for a long time, and miss catching the sunshine. but the winter sun is weak. 

i dont drink milk, so cannot get my vit D from that. 

i have found a position by the window that allows me to get in the path of the sunshine, whilst still able to read my laptop and type in it. so that is good, because the sun comes in and out of the clouds and it is a bit silly to be darting in and out to catch it. this way, i am always in the way of any sunshine coming in. and because i am inside the flat, even when the sun goes into a cloud , and the air gets chilly, i dont feel it so much, as i am still sheltered . 

anyway, it is just something to occupy myself in these days of doing nothing, haha. 

my life is really very nice, and goes on much like before corvid. 

i read a lot, because i am able to get ebooks from the cloud library that the local library has started , instead of borrowing physical books, which the library wont allow now. 

i am currantly reading georgian romances. by julia quinn. they are all very silly, but are easy reads and quite entertaining. in fact she has one of her books made into  a tv series , called bridgerton, which is all the rage according to the newspapers. it is on netflix, but since i cannot get netflix , you have to pay for that service, i dont get to see it. i dont mind, because  i think the film producers have taken liberties with it, and introduced black actors to take the part of the white people in the novel. so it can be a bit distracting i think. to me anyway…  quite a jarring note i think to see a black person/s taking such prominent roles in a georgian novel. these are set in the 1810s, where black people are seen only as servants really. but the duke is black in that tv series, hard to believe a member of the aristocracy is black. but then, the tv series also play hard and loose with the women, making them very feminist and have modern ideas of behaviour, and thought. so that there is a lot of sex play , which is hardly the thing in georgian times at least amongst respectable well brought up women. of course there are plenty of prostitutes, and widowed or married women who will cater to the menfolk, but not single women looking for husbands. it would ruin their reputation and ruin their chances of getting a good marriage match.

but then, the sex play makes for what attracts all those people who tune in, 63million viewers it seems. also the attractive cast and well designed clothes, which are made more modern, and contemporary, as well as the nicelookng interiors, makes it very pleasing to look at. i have not seen it, but from the articles talking about it, i can see the attraction. 

sex always attract a crowd.  but it is all straight sex, i doubt they are so progressive to make them introduce gay characters in it. not yet maybe, though i guess future series will start showing them. why not, after all, if u are going to play hard and loose with history, u might as well go all the way. 

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