scammers and tricksters

20 Jan

london 12.02pm wednesday 2021 11C cloudy/rain. forecast rain all day today

nothing much happening in my life now. and thank goodness for that. i like my life because there is no drama to it. i dislike unsettling events happening in my life, and most unexpected happenings are likely to be bad things. maybe i have become very cynical in my old age, but experience has taught me that if anything happens it is more likely to be bad things, rather than good things. thus, u can bet there is more chance of a person getting corvid , than of winning the lottery. so i am grateful for a peaceful nothing happening life. 

i am reminded of how lovely a non eventful life is , when i see in the tv program about old people being scammed by tricksters over the phone, asking them to change accounts and transfer money to the new account because they have been tricked into thinking their old account have been hacked. its an age old trick, but old people continue to be fooled by it. i am glad i have a safeguard on my phone , which is a landline, and which talktalk had installed… it asks callers to identify themselves before it rings me and ask me to accept the call or not. that stops a lot of cold callers, as they are reluctant to give their name. and those that come through, i can decide to accept or reject the call if i dont recognise the name. there is a risk that i can reject a friend’s call, but i am not worried about it. i discourage friends from calling me, i prefer they email me instead. i dont like to talk on the phone. i think it is because i have bad hearing and cannot hear them easily. so it is a strain on me, trying to guess what they are saying without keep asking them to repeat.

but i think i am a recluse anyway. i like being left alone , and dont crave company that much. in that i am unusual i think. others want to chat , and that is why they get onto whatsapp, so they can chat forever without incurring extra costs. but they get scammed i think from whatsapp, and have to deal with lotsof advertising and bother . at least that is what i think , i dont know because i never have a smartphone so never have to deal with them.

all the scam i get is via my email accounts and those are easy to deal with, because i just block and delete them. 


simon cooked roast chicken dinner yesterday

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