using rice and mung beans as a hot water bottle

23 Jan

london 12.52pm 3C sunny saturday 2021

we are getting a cold spell now, even forecast that london might get snow.

that rice hot pad is very effective as a hot water bottle. and i have also used the mung beans to fill up a sock and used it, and it is just as good. so i have got my hot water bottle problem solved. and found uses for the mung beans which dont germinate into bean sprouts. and in future, i can still use it to eat. maybe in a curry. my mother used to make sweet mung beans as a cooling broth. but i am not too keen on it. i am googling mung beans recipes, hoping to find inspiration on how to cook them. it seems they are made into curries, and stews. quite a limited range of recipes. but i wont need to cook them just yet, only until winter is over and i am not going to use them as hot water bottles till next winter.

in the meantime i am again trying to sprout them. one more try again, because i really want bean sprouts. found a method on google, promising sprouts in 3 days. so we shall see if it will succeed this time.

added. 10.20am monday 25.1.21 i have given up on the sprouting, and have binned the small amount of beans i have used to try to germinate them. i find i dont have the patience to do it anymore. 


simple lunch today by simon. pie and chips. the gravy on top of that pie makes it looks hollow inside.

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