snow in london

24 Jan

london 12.46pm 1C cloudy sunday 2021. lowest this morning was -1.6C at 4.45am.

woke up again just now, and look out of the window and saw these scenes below. it had been snowing, but most has melted.

i woke earlier at about 7am, and no snow, even though it was 0C, and then i went back to sleep at about 10am. and missed the snowing. not enough to make a snowman.

these are sheds, that residents can hire. there is a waiting list for it, costs about £1 a week, paid annually. people store things in it, though i think they were originally meant for their bikes, that is they were bike sheds originally, or garden sheds. i had to wait 10yrs for one to be available. and then have about 15 yrs use of them, in those days, it was free, so people tend to hang on to them till death. but about 5yrs ago, they changed their policy and wanted to charge, so i gave it up. i hardly use any of those things that i stored there, i had 3 bikes that i found in the recycling bins, all in working condition, so it serves its purpose when i was more active with cycling… but i stopped cycling when i got my freedom pass, so had no use for them anymore. i only saved one bike now, and put that in the spare bedroom, but i never use it anymore.

life here carries on as usual. even to the extent of the microwave going kaput. its an old one, so i guess it is time for it to go. the insides are flacking off, which looks alarming but it was working, and so we dont want to get rid of it till now, when we have to, as it began to spark, and sent off sparks of light , and making a sizzling noise and the metal plate on one wall caught fire. so it is definitely time to go. i m glad the fire went out when i blew it out. otherwise i wont know how to extinguish it. it does make me think that i am not well equipped to handle a fire, no fire extinguisher, nor anything to smother the fire with. considering we have a lot of electrical appliances , it might say a lot for their safety standards, that there are no fires from them, touch wood. they got fuses and fail safe mechanisms and well grounded with 3 pin plugs, so very safe when you think about it. 

One Response to “snow in london”

  1. Garfield Hug Monday January 25, 2021 at 2:41 pm #

    Nice to see some snow!

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