never heat up lardy oil in the microwave

25 Jan

london 9.50pm 1C night monday 2021

i say this because i was just reminded of my mistake , and realised i have made a mistake when i did it in my microwave and caused it to short and spark and set fire. i realise now that it was the hot oil that ignited when i put it in the microwave. what made me do it was this… i was thinking of melting it first before i cook with it. it was not necessary really, because i could just scoop it and put it in the wok and melt it directly… big mistake. and because of the oil coating the walls of the microwave, which happens when it is warmed up by the microwave;  when we switch it on again, that film of oil ignited and make us think it was the microwave that was wrong. 

anyway, what prompted me to think i made that mistake was watching this tv program, called bargain brits on benefits, about people on benefits who find bargains, and save money that way. it was showing a guy helping his wife in the kitchen, and it showed him lifting a container out of a fryer. it had a single  strand of  noodle. so mistake number one was frying a single strand of noodle. then  he used his fingers to take the noodle out of the container , and it was hot of course,  so he quickly dropped it, and right on top of the hot plate on his stove, i dont think the hot plate was on, so it was not hot, but the heat from the fryer was enough to  set the noodle on fire, so that the wife had to use a towel to hit it to douse the flames, and the towel caught fire and she had to douse it with water from the tap.  i was thinking what a stupid man. until i remembered what i did with the hot oil, and that was a stupid thing to do too. haha. so never try to melt hot lardy oil in the microwave…

anyway, simon tells me he has allready ordered a new microwave and it will arrive on thursday. well, it just goes to show no matter how long you have been cooking, you can make silly mistakes and you can only hope it wont escalate to a life threatening situation. 

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