the new microwave came today

26 Jan

london 11.12am 4C rain all day it seems, tuesday 2021

simon says he buys the basic microwaves, which just heats things, without any other fancy functions. that way we can use it and when it goes wrong, after its guarantee period, it wont be too costly to just buy another one. it is also easy to use, a manual timer , rather than the digital ones that really requires another step to press buttons to get the right duration.

the new microwave came this morning. that was quick because we thought delivery was on thursday.


i have just used it to make my first cup of coffee. it works of course. when u think of it, it is just a kettle, really… but we are so used to it, it has become a must have in the kitchen. oh hang on, it is more than a kettle, as it heats up my leftover foods very well and instantly make it ready to eat. and those who like ready made packaged foods, that must be indispensable, straight from frozen to ready to eat. what not to like, right?

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