29 Jan

london 10.21am 8C heavy rain friday 2021

i did not realise it was raining heavily outside until i saw the weather website map showing bright yellow, which suggests heavy rain in my area. normally i would expect to hear the rain , but it is very quiet in my flat. we are getting very mild temperatures, 9C practically all day and night. i wonder if the rain have anything to do with that, my theory is if it rains, it warms up the air . 

added. 2.04pm 11C no rain/cloudy

i got a renewed freedom pass in the post. valid to mar 2026. the old one expires on mar2021. i was not aware even that it was close to expiring , so it is nice of them to send the renewed pass without me having to ask for it.  but they say the old one wont be valid anymore now that they have issued me this new one,  and to use this new one from now on. so i decided to try it out by going to the tesco in piccadilly circus, and it worked on the bus without any trouble. so that was good.

the bad news is i discovered a leak in the ceiling of the second bedroom, from the flat above. there is no water pipe along there, so i really wonder how it can happen. anyway i went upstairs and posted a note through their letter box to inform them of it. hope there are people in there, it is a rented flat, and it is possible it is empty now of tenants. and i dont have the owner’s phone number.

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