the bane of absentee landlords

8 Feb

london 9.08am -1C , snowing… monday 2021

yesterday my downstairs neighbour came up to knock on our door to tell us water is coming down onto her kitchen. and i saw in our 2nd bedroom, a flow of water down the wall in another part of it, which wet the carpet , and fortunately was able to find a gap in the floor to escape into downstairs flat. so it alerted me to put a pail under the drip and a towel along the wall. anyway simon called the emergency service of our housing estate, but they were only able to send a plumber , who could only look at things, because without access to the flat above us we can do nothing really. simon called the firebrigade, but when they came they too said they cannot break down the door upstairs, because it got 2 very strong locks on it. but i discovered a new thing… i went to the flat above flat 15, just to ask them and make sure the leak was not coming from them, because i thought if we are breaking in, better to make sure it is the right flat. and those living there said they have no leak, but they tell me they have noticed a mouldy , damp smell in their flat for a long time and had complained about it to the estate office… so it looks like this leak is a long standing thing. he tells us that he it was who knew someone who knows the phone number of the owner of flat 15, and he it was who told the estate office of it… a woman called laura, and he will ask her to call the owner and ask them to send her the keys to the flat. i thought the fresh outburst of water will flood us, but it has ceased its flow now. so it looks like it comes on when the heating upstairs comes on. i have put pails out to catch the water, and glad i did, because there is a lot of water, a pail full every half hour when it is in full flow and it saves my carpets getting flooded. 

on other news, we are having a cold spell , it starts today, and goes on till friday, when temperatures will be about -2C to 1C, all day. part of a snow storm coming in from belgium and netherlands, who are experiencing the fiercest snow storm in 10yrs. i think it will be nice to have snow , but that is because we are warm inside our flat and cosy. i am sure we wont like it if we are living in a cold damp flat.

i see reports of orange snow, in europe, due to sahara sand carried in by the winds and coloring the snow. i suppose that is better than blood red sand. it seems it happens every year … yet i have never read it happening every year, and was not aware of it. i guess if it happens every year , it is not news. so why this year they mention it? , because it seems this year it  has more sand and winds than normal. 

its nothing like that here in london, the snow as u can see is very slight. but it might be early days . our snow is white, which is much nicer looking than orange.

2 Responses to “the bane of absentee landlords”

  1. Garfield Hug Monday February 8, 2021 at 2:16 pm #

    It has been a long time since it snowed in London. I hope your neighbor solves the leak

  2. alifesgayventure Monday February 8, 2021 at 3:38 pm #

    it is rare to see snow in london, especially central london, the outskirts do get more snow. as for the flooding of my flat, there has been a recent development that has a surprising outcome… and i have written a post about it

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