very interesting new development on our water -from -the- ceiling saga

8 Feb

london 2.42pm

hi, this is the latest development written on 3.44pm monday 8 feb 2021

it got so bad the water coming down the flat, that we called the police , hoping that they would be able to break down the door to number flat 15. 

the police came and made the decision to break down the door, and before doing it went to the memo office and first ask staff there if they have the key. they were told there was no key. so they informed the staff that they are going to break the door down, and was waiting for the equipment to do so outside the flat 15, when one of the women in the memo office came and gave them the key and said it has just arrived… in fact later we found out that the keys are allready lined up in the office. they were there all the time… 

when they went into the flat we found out the problem, it was very similar to what we had, blocked waste pipe, whcih caused the waste water from any washing machine from the two flats above it, to backflow into the kitchen sink and over flow onto the floor , and because of the uneven floor, it pooled along the further wall, there was a foot of water  along that wall that was between the kitchen and the 2nd bedroom, hence the water leaking into our 2nd bedroom instead of into our kitchen.


like what happened to us that time when we got a blocked waste pipe, we got a plumber to come and dig out the gunge in the pipe and suck it out and clear it. so in the meantime, the two upstairs flat from flat 15, flats 17, and 19 have been asked not to use their washing machine. 

it is possible they too will need the same treatment to clear their pipes. because these pipes have never been cleaned from when they were first installed. 

added 4.13pm 

the plumber came and i went into the flat 15 to take some pictures, as i thought we need some photo evidence. and i was amazed at how pristine and neat everything is, the only thing was the sink full of water and some water on the floor. simon said he had cleared it of the foot of water there so nothing there to show anything. the rest of the flat was dry and nothing to show the havoc it created in our flat.

i can imagine if i were the owner and walked in, i too would think the downstairs neighbours are trouble makers, there is nothing to show anything wrong… there is no water in the bedroom, nothing. i had visions of the flat smelling of damp and mould and everything foot deep in dirty stagnant water. so i was miffed to see nothing of the kind happened in there. so unfair. we have to suffer all the inconvenience and whatnot. there was no bad smell even. so i wonder where that bad smell that simon said the guy from  flat 17, the flat above flat 15 smelt for such a long time, was all about. it obviously did not come from flat 15. 





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