chinese new year

12 Feb

london 2.32pm 1C sunny friday 2021

i have my first corvid vaccine this morning… it took a total of about 1 hr from the time i arrived to leaving, to get it done. part of it due to the other people waiting, but fortunately it was in a large room with suitably separated chairs, and not outdoors. and part of the wait was due to the history taking etc. the actual jab was very quick. i allready have the date for the 2nd vaccine. on 30 april. i think the best appt times are in the first early morning slots… then there wont be time for a backlog of people waiting to build up. i allready got the time, so i cannot do anything about it, but my time next appt is at 10.30am. so early enough i think to avoid a long queue.

i wore my newly made rubber spectacle holder, (i made it myself from rubber bands last night) and it worked a treat. it kept my glasses securely on my head and did not tangle with the face mask.

and the hospital was giving away face masks in a box, near the entrance and elsewhere, so i got a few more spares for when my masks get too old and dirty. i reuse my masks until they get too dirty. i think it is perfectly ok to reuse them, even though i read some reports say they should not be. but all these masks will be a pollution problem in future, i can see that if everyone follow and just use once.

my homemade spectacle cord and it saves me having to go to all that bother to buy them.

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