broadband speed

19 Feb

london 3.12pm 11C cloudy friday 2021

when i saw that my broadband speed was 5mbps a few days ago, (it should be between 6 -11mbps, according to the website) i was told by the website of my provider that it is because i have used up 168GB and my copper wire cannot cope . i was wondering where the huge download comes from, so i mentioned it to simon, and he confessed that he had been downloading quite a lot of stuff to view later. so that was why.

but i think he had toned it down, because  now i am getting speeds of 6-7mbps, which appears to be the normal speed; and when i last looked at the graph of my usage, the daily downloads are below the danger sign, which comes on when it hits 8GB a day. all this tv viewing is the reason why we are downloading so much.   hang on, not so much viewing tv live, but viewing it using the catch up tv function or playback function. 

in the past i would be doing 40GB a month, but in those days we dont have the tv linked to the broadband. now we get playback of the tv programs, and also lots of free channels to load from the internet. and they must use a lot of GB(gigabytes).

now it looks like we use  4x as much. and could easily go higher if not for our copperwires limiting it. we have unlimited downloads, included in the contract, i pay £20 a month,(it includes the landline, as well as the broadband) but it seems our copper wires limit how much we can actually download, and near 180GB it gets slower download speed. or it could well be the provider just slows it down  to impose an unofficial  limit  , or it really is true the copper wiring limits it. 

its amazing really so easy to use so much,  when u consider we dont watch any of those blockbuster films on the pay as u see channels. simon just watches the snooker. but then i dont know what else he downloads. haha.

that is why my provider has been so keen on telling us to change our subscription to fibre, where the downloads can be 60mbps, or this letter which  i got today, g-network, telling me i can get 150mbps and 900 MEG . i dont know what MEG stands for and google is not much help.

their plan costs… 150Mbps for £22 a month for 3months, then £30 a month for the rest of the 1yr contract. there is their most expensive contract of 900Mbps for £48 a month for 3months and then £60 a month for the rest of the 1yr contract. (so might that 900Mbps be the MEG they mentioned?) all this do not include landline phone, this is broadband only. 

these contracts are meant to be for businesses. why they send that letter to me, must be because of all these work from home thingy because of the virus. so they must think it is a good thing to target homes for business- like speedy connections.

my place have no fibre connections, so even if i want to, i cannot take them up on it; though we got a circular posted recently to us telling us they are in the process of laying down the fibre to our housing estate , so this letter might be the fore runner of these businesses coming behind the fibre builders to try to get our subscription.

now i am getting 6.5mbps, and the speed is good enough, things get downloaded without any visible delay.



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