our waste pipe blockage is cleared up now

23 Feb

london 1.36pm 14C sunny tuesday 2021

today is the day the plumbers went to work on the upstairs flat to block the waste pipe at their end. it took them more than a week from the time it first started to get it sorted. (actually when i look back on my posts, i noticed it was on 3rd feb that i first mentioned the leak into my flat, so it has been 20days).

at one time, they tell us they have to cut a section of the waste pipe to gain access, but today, they did the same thing that our plumber first dealt with the same waste pipe problem we had . so its cleared now the blockage and i hope that is the end of that problem for the foreseeble future and we wont need any more big major repairs on that wastepipe any more.

it was a time of inconvenience for the flats above ours, they just cannot use their washing machine for their laundry. our flat was below the blockage so it does not affect us.

so life is normal for us. in fact, if we dont read the news, life is just as before and if we look around us at our neighbourhood, you would never know anything was unusual . spring is happening as usual, the weather is going on as usual. 

view of the american embassy across the thames as my bus crossed vauxhall bridge

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