i dont envy anyone’s life now

27 Feb

london 2.05pm 12C sunny saturday 2021

i have been looking at blogs and influencers talking about their life now, and i dont envy them one bit. recently there was envy of influencers in the news, they were able to escape to dubai , or abu dhabi, and posting their luxuriating in the lifestyle there, and every article was condemning them for showing off and making out that they are not affected and can escape the restrictions that us peasants have to endure in our home country, and scolding them for making everyone else feel left out; 

and i read blogs of expats and visitors living in foreign countries,talking about their lives in hanoi, or tanzania, or anywhere in the world, and i thought, it sounds lovely, but  i dont want to exchange my life with them… not one bit. because no matter how exotic their lives seem to be, they are all constrained by the corvid restrictions, and all the countries are limiting freedom to all their citizens and hence these visitors freedom are affected to. so no matter how rich you are , u are still restricted in living your life freely. your money wont let you buy freedom from the corvid restrictions anywhere in the world. so that is why i dont envy them. they will live their lives in restrictions, subject to the same restrictions as any poor peasant in that country.

lemon tree growing in a pot
lopsided luxury apartment tower in vauxhall, its selling point is that all the apartments decor is by versace. its hard to tell if there is anyone living in there.

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