28 Feb

london 2.26pm 8C sunny sunday 2021

last day of february. it’s a short month, which means the person who invented that calendar must be someone who was living in the northern hemisphere, as it makes winter appear to be shorter.

it makes spring come early, because tomorrow is march… psychologically it makes a person living in europe feel much better about it. whereas i would think someone living in australia must feel summer is gone too soon.

today the weather is nice, sunny and warmish, blue sky even. which adds to the feeling that spring is coming soon. but even if it is wet and rainy, it still would not dampen the spirit, as it’s the last day of february…


so just to make it springlike, i thought i shall add another photo of flowering camelias.
and to make you feel more tropical, i shall put up this banana picture.



i thought i shall ask google, why is february so short

Because Romans believed even numbers to be unlucky, each month had an odd number of days, which alternated between 29 and 31. But, in order to reach 355 days, one month had to be an even number. February was chosen to be the unlucky month with 28 days.

because it was the month for the dead, so they figured it wont mind it.  they gave that even numbered month to february. nothing to do with shortening winter… haha. so trust google to have all the answers. it has taken over from wikipedia. 

this link tells more of the story why february is so short. it all sounds like old wives tales frankly.

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