first day of spring

1 Mar

london 2.36pm 9C sunny monday 2021

it is quite a nice sunny day with blue sky, so i decided to go out, to enjoy it. and to take some pictures to post. i have been reading the news, but it is very disheartening news , the usual things, and they are just old news and do not lift me up.

there is talk of the films and tv awards, that happened yesterday,  i forgot what it is called. have to google it, oh yes, golden globe award…all done online, with no audience or walking the catwalk for the nominees; 

but so many of those films i dont see, because they are all from the united states, and havent come to us in the uk yet, or on paid subscriptions which i dont have so that we here in uk dont really know what those films that are nominated are about . or rather not all of us. haha.



while i was out, i went to the nearest sainsburys, but it is an express store, so the prices are higher than their main supermarkets. and there was a long queue waiting to pay… so i just left and promised myself not to bother going there again.


i came back and was a bit hungry and looked into the fridge and saw this mashed potato that simon made. so i took a portion and added a left over veggie and pork dish i had from yesterday and warmed it all up in the microwave, and was very surprised when i took a bite of it, it was quite delicious… his mashed potato got something in it to make it so tasty. 

well, eating seems to lift up my mood, i noticed. maybe a full stomach really affects our moods and makes us happy. that seems quite logical, really. if u are hungry you cant help being sad surely. whereas, after a satisfying meal, all is well with the world again. haha. and finish a meal with coffee is so happy making.

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