colourful hire electric bikes

2 Mar

london 6.35pm 7C dry tuesday 2021

there were two of them suddenly appeared at the entrance to the block of flats opposite me. they are very eyecatching. they are jump bikes, owned by uber, before they sold it to lime

they cost £1 to hire, and 15p per minute.  compare that to the boris bikes, £2 a day to hire, that’s for  24hrs, and free for the first 30mins. a bus ride is £1.55 for 1hr, change buses as many times as you like within that hour. all of this does not apply to me… as i get free bus and tube travel. i have an ordinary bike with gears,  which i dont use anymore. 

in fact, i have noticed the tourists are using the boris bikes to tour london. they join a tour group, and by docking the bikes and interchanging the bikes amongst themselves they can easily go all over london free after the initial £2 a day, keeping to the 30min time limit.

the selling point to these electric bikes is that the electric motor can boost your ride , but someone tested it and said it does not seem to come on when he needs it most, like going uphill, and there is no way to switch it on manually. and the bike is heavy.

since the bikes have no dockets, how do u charge the battery ? if it runs out of power, that battery will just be a dead weight. and as usual, you will need to own a smartphone to unlock it and to pay for it. so many things nowadays require that u buy a smartphone.

a number of these new electric bikes has appeared in my housing estate. they were green before.

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