my estimated service charge bill for my flat for next year is £1462.23

3 Mar

london 11.10pm 7C wednesday 2021

i went to upton park market, in  east london, hoping to buy fresh chillis, but when i got there i saw the market was not on. and was told that it is closed today, and on sunday and monday. previously it was closed only on monday. so i shall have to go again tomorrow. i have only a bowl of chillis left. last time i bought them was in dec 2020.

there was quite a haze , or mist, shrouding the buildings which i noticed on my way there. i dont think it is due to pollution, so i wont call it a haze, more like mist. or it might be rain, because there is a huge rain cloud coming up from the south, expected to hit central london later in the afternoon. and this mist may be the forerunner of that storm . i went on my journey to the market around 12pm, 1pm , thereabouts. it was nice to get out and about to another part of london. and i have the chance to do it again tomorrow. 

just now, i read chiang mai is considered 3rd most polluted city , after lahor, pakistan, and new delhi, india. it is due to the wildlife fires that are going on in mae sot area. around this time of year the farmers are also burning their fields, so not sure if the wildfires are the result of the  field fires that have run out of control. every year at about this time, the area has high pollution just from the burning fields. 

i am glad london air is relatively good, even though we sometimes hear report of how polluted it is. but that was in the days before lockdown stopped a lot of traffic , and it is their spewing exhaust that seems to make the air pollution high.  it is not something you can see. i live here and i dont get the impression it is polluted, because there is no visible signs of it. our air feels and smells fresh, and we can see blue sky and bright sunshine. 

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