fill in the census, new kettle

4 Mar

london 2.37pm 6C cloudy thursday 2021

i went again to upton park market to buy chillis, and this time i was able to buy them. £1 for 250mg fresh green chillis. (£4/kg). these chillis were presorted out and put in a bowl, and sold for £1 a bowl. if u want to pick it yourself, it would cost £4.99/kg. i find i prefer the bowls, cheaper and also i could not be bothered to select and chose , much prefer rather that it is  all done for me. 

there were quite a lot of empty spaces in the market, because there were fewer stalls erected. and not so many fresh vegetables on display. the place feel quiet and not as full, whether of stalls or customers, as it used to be. 

today came in the post a letter from the census people. it ask me to fill up the census online. in the past it was just a form to fill in , mainly by ticking boxes and sent it back to them by post in a prepaid envelope. now this online form is more detailed and asked quite a lot of questions about my job, before i was retired. interestingly no box for other gender, just male or female. it was supposed to be filled in for 21st march, which is the date the census seeks information . but you can fill it up before hand if u are sure the circumstances wont change on that date.

i figured the website will be very stressed on that date or after, with everyone logging on, so i better do it now when it is not busy. in the past i could fill out the form for simon as well, but this time, the questions asked only he can answer, those related to work,so i handed it to him to fill out his part. life is very much simpler once you are retired. at least that is what i have discovered. 

i have been drinking a lot of coffee, using the microwave now to heat up a cup. simon seems keen of me using the kettle. he bought a new one yesterday and saying i can use it to heat up just one cup of water.

i was surprised that the old one had broken down because he bought it not that long time ago. i was thinking maybe it was just a glitch, and leave it a bit, and the old kettle will work again;but he said the light comes on but the water wont heat up. so it cannot be the fuse. and he had thrown it away, because he knows i will try to make it work, and try to keep it . still, i thought it rather too soon for the kettle to break down. i found that i switched to using the microwave to heat my coffee on 9sept2020. 


the new kettle

i took a picture of it, just to remind me , so that i can tell how long it lasts when it breaks down in future. 

i searched my blog, and found this entry 24nov 2018 which mentioned a kettle being replaced, but there was no picture of it, so cannot tell if it is the ex kettle that simon had thrown away. if it is, then it is about 2yrs old, so not that recent… ah well, i guess it is nice to use a brand new kettle instead of a old secondhand reject that i find in the recycle bin. except now i dont use the kettle much, only to boil a whole kettle full of water when i make a pot of tea. i find using the microwave to heat up a cup is so useful and quick. i read somewhere that in america everyone uses a microwave, and kettles are quite rare to find in america. 

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