5 Mar

london 9.10pm 5C dry friday 2021

i went to the asda to buy a top up voucher , £10 for my pay-as-i-go asda mobile. and there i saw   lots of basmati rice trophy brand selling for£10 for 10kg. i wanted to buy

even if it means carrying that heavy rice all the way back home;

but when i saw the queue at the tills, so long, it stretched right across the whole length of the store,  i changed my mind, and returned it to the shelf and decide to just queue for the mobile voucher. that was the main reason why i went there today. 

i am down to my last 10kg bag of trophy basmati rice, so i need to add more. i had thought of going back there later tonight, but i got lazy. i dont really like going out at night. so it has to be tomorrow then, early, so that i avoid the queue. dont know why today is so busy at asda. and i shall bring along the shopping trolley, as i intend to buy 2 or 3bags and they will be very heavy. 

but i consider it fortunate that i go there today, and found out about the basmati rice. they dont advertise it, and i would never have known of it. they look like they have a lot of the rice to sell, so no danger of it running out of stock tomorrow.

i saw today that amazon is introducing their no till store, it is in ealing… where u just pick up stuff in the store and walk out without any need to pay at the till, as the money gets taken out of your account. i suppose it would be very useful for this situation in asda. so even though i am not a fan of these payment methods, because they all require a smartphone, maybe i have to concede that if majority of people have them then the queues for the tills will be very short. the danger of course is that they remove the tills completely, as they did in that amazon store, and that means those of us who dont have a smartphone, will be forced to buy one, and that might be the future trend and cash becomes obsolete. so just for the immediate gratification of no queues, and instant online payment, we end up cannot pay with cash anymore. so maybe might not be a good thing in the end. 



lovely white camelia
simon’s roast chicken meal today. his gravy is spot on, just the right consistency and saltiness. the gravy is made from granules but can be too salty, or too thick, or too thin, if not done well.

2 Responses to “shopping”

  1. Garfield Hug Saturday March 6, 2021 at 5:27 am #

    Nice dinner plate that Simon prepared. Looks delicious.

  2. alifesgayventure Saturday March 6, 2021 at 11:33 am #

    roast meat with 2/3veg with gravy is a british invention, i think. i read somewhere even foreigners used to call britishers ‘roast bif’, so closely are they associated with that dish.

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