simon missed his doctor appt today

6 Mar

london 12.15pm 6C cloudy saturday 2021


i have been out and bought my 3 bags of basmati rice from asda, and got back even before simon’s time for his doctor appt. but he was still sleeping. and just now the doctor receptionist called , and asked for him, and i have to say he is still sleeping. and no point waking him up, now that he has missed the appt, and she said she will call him on monday.

i just dont understand people who are so careless about their appointments with the doctor , or any health appointments. if they have an appt , it must be important, otherwise why make those appts . and then not to turn up… even though he had put up notices on the fridge to remind him of it. ah well, their souls want it i think. i imagine it must be very frustrating for the doctor.

simon is going to a dentist appt on monday, so i hope he remembers that one, because he is having trouble with his bridge, and they wont give him an emergency appt when he first had the trouble, this one was like a week , the nearest time they could find to give him an appt… but if he is so careless with appts and keep missing them, i wont be surprised if the dentist bans him outright and wont see him anymore.

i recall when i had a appt with my doctor, the surgery would text me a day before to remind me of it… and ask me to respond by pressing 1, to say i can attend, or press 2 if i cannot. so i wonder why they dont do that to him, esp if they know he is a careless one about keeping appts. maybe they did send him a text but he did not see his mobile .

if u are looking after someone and they behave like this, not listen or obey  instructions, it can be really frustrating for the carer. that is why i dont get involved. i cant control how other people behave. my view is if their actions lead to consequences then they shall have to accept those consequences and learn next time to change their behaviour. otherwise you will end up being very angry at that person for no purpose except make you suffer in his stead.


One Response to “simon missed his doctor appt today”

  1. MELewis Wednesday March 10, 2021 at 5:17 pm #

    Good philosophy! It can be easier said than done sometimes though. Agree it is frustrating when our partners don’t take care of themselves.

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