a cup of coffee

8 Mar

london 3.28pm 10C cloudy monday 2021

i find a hot cup of coffee is very comforting. and i have been drinking quite alot of it. whenever i get unsettled, i would make myself a cup. i noticed small things can unsettle me, even reading something in a novel can do it. i know old people can get very agitated over the slightest things, and i hope i am not heading that way. i must stay grounded and keep a sense of proportion, so that i dont get over the top with it. i think the mind can play tricks on you if u are not careful to reign it in. imaginary fears can over run you if u let it. 

i have been looking at live webcams, there is a website where people install cameras that record them in their daily lives, and let subscribers watch them. i dont subscribe, but the website allows me to watch them, i cannot comment, (at least i dont think i can… i have not tried to comment as i dont see any reason to do so. and i am happy not to be able to comment, as i think it irrelevant and serves no purpose. ) anyway it is interesting to watch how other people live, especially two families in the phillipines. they are very poor, the children sleeps on the floor, in the living room, which doubles as their bedroom at night. and they are constantly beset with loud cock crows, near dawn… and those cocks really crow very loud, so that i cannot imagine how they can sleep through it, and they start very early in the morning too, at about 4am and carry on right up to 7 or 8am.

i was thinking that crowing will drive me mad, (even watching them i have to mute the sound button so i cannot hear the cocks crowing ) and am very glad when i look around me in my flat now, that i can sleep so soundly without having to suffer those cock crows. thank goodness when i was growing up, i never have to contend with early cock crows. i think we were very poor , when i was a kid, but thank goodness not that poor. haha.

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