what happened to spiedlife.com?

11 Mar

london 4.04pm 9C sunny thursday 2021

i asked this question in the search section of my wordpress reader and it came up with this .which gave the reason and pointed to a link.  it seems to be due to a fire that took out a french cloud service firm. reuters reported that news about the fire, though when i went to the reuters website, i could not find that news anywhere… so if not for the direct link to it, i would never have known of this news. 

i could not find any other source to explain why spiedlife has gone off line. so my grateful thanks to that spiedlife-camreview blog. it does not allow comments, whcih is a pity because it would be nice to have a place where we can chat about the cams, but maybe it is not allowed. who knows. 

no newspapers or news website has mentioned this, spied life and/or many other websites being offline  and yet according to the story line, many websites have stopped working. so why is there no mention of this anywhere in the newspapers and news websites?? is that french cloud service only serving such a small section of the web, that no one noticed anything amiss,and the rest of the world just ignore it? if so than they are so small, they will never be able to compete with the likes of amazon, google etc with their vast cloud service.

i wonder how those who are involved with spied life have reacted to this outage. are they in the dark about it , not knowing about this fire in their cloud service, or has the website contacted them and informed them of the reason… or possibly unable to contact them if their internet is off. 

added 11.15am fri 12.3.21

just now i read this on their website. 

Important message

Dear friends, on March 10, 2021, a huge fire broke out in the data center that houses our servers and everything was destroyed.
We are working hard to reactivate all webcams and fully restore the site and its services as soon as possible, please apologize for the inconvenience.
Thanks for understanding.

added. 17.3.21

they came online on 16.3.21

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