just some thoughts this day

13 Mar

london 4.12pm 9C cloudy/rain saturday 2021

i just made this , using my rice cooker, it steamed rice and at the same time cooked this dish of pork and veg in soya sauce, which i placed on top of the rice. it is a very quick way of getting a meal cooked . and surprisingly delicious. so much so that when i saw this post about westminster council allowing restaurants to have open air seating when restaurants open for busines, (in london that would be from 12th april, ) and talking that the local residents might object to it;  i was thinking who would eat out in restaurants when it is so easy to cook at home?

but thank goodness not everyone thinks like me, otherwise the eating out business will never thrive. eating out is a huge business, and i think everyone must hope it revives  when the corvid is over, which we all hope will happen.

as a chinese person, i can understand why we chinese like to eat out in a group… because as a group we can order lots more dishes to share and it is cheaper for each person also, and that is not including the joy of sharing a meal with friends, or family… also some dishes it wont be easy or cheap to cook at home. so all those reasons for eating out in restaurants… but with western people, they eat their own dishes, no sharing, and many times, the dishes are easy to prepare at home, so as far as i can see it, the only reason to eat out is to enjoy the company of other friends, etc. and yet though,  many go out to eat  alone, so that reason do not apply even. so you can well ask why they go out to eat so often then? in the east, many young people live in rented rooms and have no kitchen, nor share kitchens, so it is understandable why it is so common for people to eat out at hawker stalls. but these reasons do not apply here in the west. where even bedsits have cooking facillities. also in the east, even poor people can afford to eat at hawker stalls, because the price is low, whilst buying fresh produce in those asian countries can be much more expensive and then you still have to cook it.  but it is not the case here in the west. where it is definitely much cheaper to cook the meal at home. it is cheaper to buy those ingredients in the supermarkets or fresh markets, even adding the cost of cooking it yourself than if you are buying the ready cooked foods in  outlets like kfc, or macdonalds, which are the cheapest places in the west to buy ready cooked foods. added as a correction. i think there are some non franchised chicken shops in south london where prices are cheaper than kfc, but not by much i think.

a whole fresh chicken can be bought in tesco for £2.52. and think how many meals you can get out of that one chicken..(for me, 6 to 8 meals).now think what can you buy for that at kfc, or macdonalds? 

i was looking out of the window at the sky, and the brick building opposite with the setting sun reflected off the top half of the building, and the march of white billowing clouds shifting and shaping across the patch of sky that i can see above the chimneys of the building opposite, and i realised i have not done that, just looking at the sky for a long time. it is very calming, and peaceful  and relaxing. cloud watching is highly recommended.

3 Responses to “just some thoughts this day”

  1. Garfield Hug Saturday March 13, 2021 at 5:42 pm #

    For me, or just one person it costs alot for me to buy groceries as wastage happens. It is cheaper for me to buy take away from hawker centers. Thankfully now my neighbors cook for me. You dish looks good and you are right as I used to throw a chicken drumstick into the rice cooker on top of rice and I get chicken rice! 🤗

    • alifesgayventure Saturday March 13, 2021 at 5:52 pm #

      i have not thought of that, just throw a chicken drumstick in with the rice whilst it is cooking. i was thinking maybe add crushed garlic and ginger…and half a stock cube, maybe. instant chicken rice!!!indeed.

      • Garfield Hug Sunday March 14, 2021 at 1:00 am #

        Yes. I put that too and lesser water to cook the rice so it comes out “QQ” as we Asians call it. I did this with kampung chicken or organic to avoid allergens in the antibiotics or hormones the birds are subjected to.. the juices and flavors get into the rice and voila fuss free chicken rice. For sinful calories, you can fry chicken fat and once extracted, stir fried washed uncooked rice with it then put in rice cooker with chicken leg, thighs or parts! Try it and let me know ok. Happy Sunday.

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