so how many brits took up EU citizenship in 2019?

18 Mar

london 8.30am 7C cloudy thursday 2021



click on the numbers to get the link to that article

that surprised me, when u consider so many voted remain, and most of them went to germany. 

why germany i wonder? and not france or spain? now we know that those who reside there before jan2020 can live there,  but they were not to know that in 2019. 

I think i can make a guess as to why so many went to germany. it is to do with work. like many who come to uk, they come because they can find work here. and so if u are a brit  working in germany, you will change citizenship just to be able to continue and make sure u can continue to work in germany. this paragraph seem to be in classic mode. but in france or spain, many go there to live the lifestyle not to work so it is not necessary for them to register or change citizenship. unless you are boris’ father. i think the EU wont allow u to have dual citizenship, so if u change , you will have to renounce your british citizenship… that will be too much for most people.

my classic block doesnot seem to work .


well it looks like even the total numbers of brits living in EU is lower than thought. 850,000 . they thought there were between 1.2million to 1.5million. but i think it is because many brits living in europe do not bother to register and so do not get counted. now that we have left, will they have to register? maybe , but many may not bother, and  just take the restrictions (can only stay 3months within a 6month period, so that means only be able to stay half a year.) it also means that if u dont use up the 3 months allocated for the first 6 months of that year, you cannot carry it over to the next 6months. with corvid, lifestyle is not ever going to be like the same before corvid, so it is unlikely you can enjoy the same lifestyle as before. that would negate living there permanently in future , because if u cannot have that lifestyle why go live there?

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