mold in the flat

19 Mar

london 10am 8C sunny friday 2021

a lurid orange colour for my post  for today. haha. what i notice now is that when i write it on the classic block, it looks very small and not like the size i would expect from heading 4, which i have selected. but i do know from my previous post that once i posted it and it appears on my blog, the size will be large . maybe it is done for the convenience of those who write their posts on their smartphone, because the small size will make it easier to fit into the small screen.

its a bright and sunny morning. and inside my flat there are piles of furniture whcih we have taken out of the 2nd bedroom. we have been busy yesterday… cleared the bedroom to strip the wallpaper off the mouldy wall. it was quite easy to strip using scrapers… lucky that simon had them in his tool kit. i think the wallpaper was allready moist and wet that was why it was so easy.

all this activity was prompted by a report by the 2nd company who answered our tender to give a quote. he came to give inspect the damage. the guy said the mould growing on the wall may be toxic, from the spores it will release. he said everything in the room may have to be thrown away, because of the contamination, and the danger to health. it is an alarming comment, and it decided us to get rid of the mould ourselves instead of waiting for professionals to do it. i had visions of them wearing hasmat suits, and taking their time to get it organised because of all the protocal to deal with toxic substances. not to mention we might have to wait till they get a expert to take samples of the mould and test it for toxicity… i rather take the risk and just clear the wall of the mould now. and i dont think the risk is high. partly because mould is very common, throughout the lives of men, we have to deal with mouldy walls. and nobody had died from it. in fact we got penicillin from it, so there is no evidence that mould in houses are toxic, inspite of the whole world now being ultra cautious at everything…

we figured if we wait, than the mould will develop and with the warming weather, start sporing, and then we will be in danger. we might be in danger now, but if so we are allready infected and there is nothing we can do about it. so better get rid of the mould right now. and that is what we did. and in clearing the room, simon got fed up trying to find space in the recycling bins to take all the stuff, so went searching for a company with a van who will take it, simon says he is willing to pay for it. and got quotes of about £200-£300. i personally think we can gradually take it to the local recyling area, and get rid of it over a period of time… the bins get emptied on monday… but simon is too impatient. and i was thinking if we are going to pay a van to get rid of the stuff, than i shall take this chance to clear myself of all kinds of stuff i had picked up over the years, that have been sitting around not being used. so that is what we have done.



after we have cleared the mold from the wall and ceiling
before, a few days after the water came down the walls. it got worse since, but i forgot to take any pictures.

now the wall looks much better . also while i got aware of mold, i noticed the window was collecting a lot of mold , from the damp and water condensation, and practically all the windows in the bedroom and the living room has huge amounts of mold growing on the inside. the paint had peeled and the wood exposed and mould was growing on it. if all that is toxic, we would long ago have been infected , because this mold have been there for ages. i have cleared them last year, but have not noticed this year how much they have grown. so now i have to consider repairing the grouting and paint  the inside of my windows. its a massive job, the last time it was done was about 25yrs ago. i dont even know whether u can get anyone to do it nowadays.

One Response to “mold in the flat”

  1. Garfield Hug Saturday March 20, 2021 at 11:43 am #

    Molds are bad. Glad you sorted it out

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