first day of spring, and vaccine chaos in the EU

20 Mar

london 12.20pm 9C cloudy saturday 2021

its supposed to be the spring equinox today, that means equal day and night of 12hrs. but i would say most of us wont notice any change.

the noticeable date is 28 march, that is when the clocks change and that one everyone will notice. and that one will bring about the annual lamenters who dont want it. because mornings will be darker for the early risers. in london , instead of rising at 6am, it will rise at 7am. 

5pm 11C.

its supposed to be the first day of spring, and i should be out , but it is a cloudy day, and so there is nothing to see nor do outside. most of the time i am in, surfing the internet. simon roasted pork chops in the oven, so i had them for lunch, and just now i stir fried a fried rice with celery and prawns, and that was good to fill me up.

i have been looking up the news, which has lots of reports about the disaster that the eu have gone about vaccinating their citizens. the story here is that they failed to order it quick enough, bickering about the price it seems, and so when they finally got round to doing it, they are way behind in the queue of other countries , and so they threaten to ban the export of any vaccine unless they are given priority. maybe they tell a different story to their citizens, so to cover their mistakes. but from here, we read of how they badmouthed the oxford vaccine, saying it is no good for over 65yrs old, then say it causes blood clots, so the countries all start  stopping the roll out of the vaccine,  finally to have to do a complete turnaround when their own medical board certify it is safe and effective to use. and now they are not done yet, even  saying the vaccine is only for over 55s. but the damage is done, the citizens dont want it now, even if they can get enough supplies , (which they cannot and so they threaten  an export ban if they dont get it).   

they allready have a lot of the vaccine, stored in fridges  andnot in the arms of the citizens, for something that they say is no good, and then want more of to give to citizens that are reluctant to have it . haha. what a mess!! it makes me suspicious that they want more of the vaccine just to prevent other countries from having it and surpassing them in the numbers innoculated. a dog in the manger attitude. i read allthat with calmness, because it does not affect us in the uk, and thinking we too would be caught up in all that madness, if we are still in the EU.


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